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AttiCat Blown-in Insulation (Winter Service)

Barron’s AC has expanded its service offerings to include AttiCat insulation during the winter months, running from November through February. This strategic move showcases Barron’s commitment to comprehensive home comfort solutions throughout the year. AttiCat insulation, a product by Owens Corning, is a premium blown-in fiberglass insulation designed for attics. By providing this service during the winter, Barron’s AC recognizes the optimal conditions for homeowners to enhance their insulation without disrupting their cooling needs. AttiCat insulation offers numerous benefits, such as improved energy efficiency by preventing heat transfer, reduced utility costs, and enhanced comfort within the home. Additionally, the insulation’s seamless installation process ensures that attics are effectively and uniformly insulated, creating a thermal barrier that not only keeps homes warmer in winter but also contributes to long-term HVAC system efficiency. This extension of services aligns with Barron’s AC’s dedication to year-round comfort and energy-saving solutions for their customers.