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Air Conditioning and Heating Service and Installation

Searching for an air conditioning and heating company you can depend on? Well look no further! Barron’s Air Conditioning and Appliance Service, inc.  Has proudly served the Pinellas and Pasco county area for over 30 years and continues to raise the bar when it comes to service excellence. From new installations to ongoing maintenance, you can depend on our team of highly trained and award winning technicians to keep your equipment operating at peak performance.

New Installations

We primarily deal in residential change-outs (replace existing) but also in light commercial equipment as well. We proudly sell Comfortmaker® Heating and Cooling products which is backed by a 10 year limited manufacturer’s parts warranty (Timely registration required. See warranty certificate for details and restrictions.  While we specialize in this brand, we offer other makes and models of air conditioning systems too.

A/C Repair and Service

Accurate diagnosis of your system is our priority at Barron’s Air Conditioning and Appliance Service, inc. We provide flat rate prices for repairs and if need be, detailed estimates for replacement. We offer a 1 year warranty on any replacement part we install. We perform any warranty repair work Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Attic Cat Blown-in Insulation Services

Barron’s AC has expanded our service offerings to include AttiCat insulation during the winter months, running from November through February. This strategic move showcases our commitment to comprehensive home comfort solutions throughout the year. AttiCat insulation, a product by Owens Corning, is a premium blown-in fiberglass insulation designed for attics. By providing this service during the winter, Barron’s AC recognizes the optimal conditions for homeowners to enhance their insulation without disrupting their cooling needs. AttiCat insulation offers numerous benefits, such as improved energy efficiency by preventing heat transfer, reduced utility costs, and enhanced comfort within the home. Additionally, the insulation’s seamless installation process ensures that attics are effectively and uniformly insulated, creating a thermal barrier that not only keeps homes warmer in winter but also contributes to long-term HVAC system efficiency. This extension of services aligns with our dedication to year-round comfort and energy-saving solutions for their customers.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance helps to extend the life of you’re A/C system. We perform a full system check on your equipment and can make any recommendations at the time of service. We also offer discounted rates on any parts that are replaced at the time of the preventive check. We suggest our customers get both winter and summer start up checks, to assure heating and cooling cycles are performing at optimal levels.

Duct Cleaning/Replacement/Repair

Cleaning of your air duct system is sometimes needed. This service includes removing and cleaning/sanitizing all registers (vents) in the home, and vacuuming dust and debris from your duct system. We finish off the job by fogging the entire duct system with an anti-microbial solution, which kills mold spores on contact and prevents mold growth within the duct system. If you’re experiencing a high dust volume in the home, or uncommon smells when your system cycles on, you may need this service.

Replacement of duct work within your home or mobile home, is just another service we offer at Barron’s Air Conditioning and Appliance Service, inc. Whether you’re dealing with damage to your current duct-work or just curious as to how much replacing your duct-work would cost, feel free to call us and set up a free quote for replacement.